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December 5, 2016
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Medicine X: Transforming Healthcare’s Inertia into Innovation

By Erik Goldman, Editor in Chief

STANFORD, CA -- For all its high-tech tools and trappings, American medicine is still stuck in the 19th century. Chu Purple

Its reductionistic logic, hierarchical organizational structures, arcane licensure laws, ossified education systems, and isolated knowledge silos have not changed much since the late 1800s.

Consider the information revolution that transformed banking 30 years ago—technological advances that freed people from “banker’s hours,” put 24/7 cash within a few minutes’ walk or ride from almost anywhere, and gave people unprecedented freedom over their financial lives. That sort of fluidity and customer-centricity has barely touched healthcare.

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Regulatory Actions Signal Storms Ahead for Integrative Medicine

Written by Erik Goldman, Editor in Chief

Over the last six months, federal agencies have made regulatory moves that could have significant impact on the practice of holistic, functional, and integrative medicine in the coming years. While none represent a direct threat to practice freedom, they set precedents that could greatly limit access to foundational practice tools.

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Fracking for Natural Gas Linked to Surges in Asthma

Written by Kristen Schepker, Assistant Editor

Living in close proximity to natural gas fracking sites worsens asthma symptoms, according to a new study published by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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