Holistic Practitioners Deeply Divided on Trump Healthcare Policies

By Erik Goldman, Editor in Chief

Examine GOPcareData from Holistic Primary Care’s new 2017 practitioner survey indicate that the holistic healthcare community---like much of the rest of the country--is deeply divided about the Trump administration and its healthcare proposals.

Responses from nearly 600 clinicians, fielded over the last month, show that many favor the GOP’s plan to expand health savings accounts (HSAs) and the new president’s willingness to challenge vaccine orthodoxy, while opposing Trump’s immigration restrictions and the Republican initiative to terminate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

On the matter of “repealing and replacing” ObamaCare respondents are almost evenly split. Roughly one-third is concerned that holistic and functional medicine will suffer under the culturally conservative, corporatist Trump administration.

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Susan Blum, MD: Actualizing “Food as Medicine” in Real-World Practice

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Food is medicine: It’s easy to say. To make it work in a modern medical practice is not quite so simple.

"Dr. Susan Blum is a leader in applying the principles of functional medicine to the care of people with autoimmune diseases. The Blum Center for Health, her thriving clinic in Rye Brook, NY, is a prime example of a new practice model that supports a truly holistic approach.

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