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February 7, 2016
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Crowdfunded Research Shakes Medicine's Ivory Towers

By Kristen Schepker, Assistant Editor

crowdfunidng piggie bankFor most of its history, medical and scientific research has been funded by grants from government institutions, nonprofit foundations, and private companies. But an emerging trend suggests a new potential source of future funding: the internet.

By now, almost any of us who use the internet have received pitches from creative friends, family members or colleagues seeking the resources to produce the projects of their dreams: indie films, albums, better-tasting healthy snacks, Great American novels, dream trips around the name it.

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs and artists have been using online crowd-funded campaigns to launch a dizzying variety of projects and products. It's an easy, efficient, inexpensive way for campaigners to draw resources from a very wide potential donor pool--as wide as the web itself.

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Mercury & Adjuvant-Free, A New Flu Shot Offers Cleaner, Greener Option

Written by Erik Goldman, Editor in Chief

This flu season, practitioners have a new adjuvant-free option to offer people who’ve been reluctant to take conventional flu shots. The new vaccine, called Flublok, delivers up to three times as much antigenic protein as other flu shots, without additives like thimerosal or aluminum. And, no chicken eggs are involved in its production.

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Gluten Sensitivity, Food Allergies & The Gut-Brain Connection

Written by Kristen Schepker, Assistant Editor

To improve the care of patients struggling with food intolerances and to help them restore their health, clinicians need to understand the gut-brain axis and the ways in which allergen-induced inflammation ripples out through multiple organ systems, including the brain.

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