Is Holistic Lifestyle Change the Key to World Peace?

Earth Human FieldsWith news of climate change, war, famine, economic instability, natural disaster, and terrorism bombarding our everyday realities, world peace appears to be an ever-distant dream.

As a species we’ve advanced in so many ways, but that progress has come with consequences. We’ve upset the natural balance of the Earth that we all call home, and as we’re finding out, this has devastating consequences for personal and population health.

At the same time, we have never been better equipped to meet and solve the challenges we face. The interconnectedness of the digital age has empowered ordinary people all over the world to share, collaborate, and create in ways our ancestors could not even imagine. The possibility of worldwide peace and prosperity is closer than it ever has been.

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Across the Nation, Hospitals Strive to Improve Food Service

Ask anyone—patient or practitioner—to describe hospital food, and you’ll invariably get words like awful, horrible, or disgusting. That’s because for decades, hospital systems have viewed food as a line item, not as an intrinsic aspect of healing. But all across the country, that's starting to change as hospital administrators realize the positive impact that good food can have, and the public clamors for healthier meal service options.

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HPC Video

Joe Pizzorno - The Toxin Solution

Written by Meg Sinclair

For decades, Dr. Pizzorno has been at the forefront of a movement to build bridges between naturopathic, functional, and mainstream medicine. In recent years, his attention has been focused on the myriad ways that environmental toxins are damaging personal and public health, and on developing practical strategies to help people reduce their toxic loads.

His recent book, The Toxin Solution, presents a harrowing picture yet offers good clinical guidance on how to manage the onslaught. Consider the following:

•    94% of Americans are exposed to enough polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to double their lifetime risk of asthma.
•    60% of US women carry loads of PCB187 sufficient to double their risk of breast cancer.
•    33% of Americans have lead levels high enough to double the risk of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).
•    25% are exposed to enough aluminum to double Alzheimer’s risk.

Holistic Primary Care had the honor of hosting Dr. Pizzorno at our 2017 Practitioner Channel Forum. He shared his research on the role of common toxins in chronic disease and his field-tested therapeutic strategies. Watch the full-length session from HPC’s video archive:

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