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You Don't Have to Be Smarter, Just Give Better Care

By Erik Goldman | Editor in Chief

The key to success in holistic & functional medicine is simply to give better care than the other doctors in your area. Given how utterly dysfunctional mainstream medicine is, these days, it shouldn't be hard, quipped Mark Menolascino, MD, at Holistic Primary Care's 6th annual Heal Thy Practice conference.

Special MD Mortgages Give New Meaning to “Medical Homes”

By Kristen Schepker, Contributing Writer

A growing number of banks are creating specialized mortgage loan programs specifically for young doctors.

The Greatest Job in the World

By Lillie Rosenthal, DO | Contributing Writer

I have the greatest job in the world. I'm a doctor. I love my work and I look forward to walking to my office each day to take care of my patients.

Heal Thy Practice 2014: Skill-Building for Empowerment

By Erik Goldman | Editor in Chief

Holistic Primary Care's sixth annual Heal Thy Practice conference, on October 17-19, at the Renaissance Westchester Hotel, just north of New York City, will focus on clinical and practice management skills that empower practitioners to cultivate better health for their patients, their communities and themselves.

“Tricorders Are Not Sci-Fi Anymore:” Tech Tips for Today’s Clinicians

By Contributing Writer - Vol. 15, No. 2. Summer, 2014

"In the near future, we won't just be prescribing drugs, we'll be prescribing apps," says physician-futurist Daniel Kraft, MD.

Mymee App Reveals Disease Clues Hidden in Daily Life

By Erik Goldman | Editor in Chief - Vol. 15, No. 2. Summer, 2014

Anyone involved in healthcare knows that patient self-reporting is the least reliable form of data collection. Yet in many cases, that—and a few lab measures—is all a clinician has to guide medical decisions.

HPC Readers on ObamaCare: So Far, So So

By August West | Contributing Writer - Vol. 15, No. 2. Summer, 2014

How is the rollout of the Affordable Care Act affecting holistically-minded primary care clinicians?

“Tricorders Are Not Sci-Fi Anymore:” Ten Tech Tips for Today’s Clinicians

By Erik Goldman

In the near future, we wont just be prescribing drugs, well be prescribing apps, said physician-futurist Daniel Kraft, MD, at the recent NEXT Innovation Summit. Dr. Kraft said that a Star Trek-esque world of tricorder-enabled Dr. McCoys tailoring treatments and tweaking human biology based on real-time physiologic data is already here. Its just not evenly distributed.” Dr. Kraft also reviewed 10 essential tech advances that should be part of any practitioner's digital tool bag.

How One Physician Changed Aetna’s Attitudes on Holistic Medicine

By Erik Goldman - Vol. 15, No. 1. Spring, 2014

A few years ago, it would have been a pipe dream to suggest that a naturopathic physician might have a hand in shifting attitudes—and policies--of one of the nation's largest health insurers.

Restoring the Therapeutic Alliance

By Amber Vitse, LMT, CN - Vol. 15, No. 1. Spring, 2014

LONG BEACH, CA -- A wealth of new practice models are erupting in the field of integrative medicine, as more physicians and other practitioners seek ways of practicing that are more holistic and embracing of all aspects of their patients' lives.



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