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Goji Berries May Prevent Diabetic Retinopathy

By Julia Powers, Contributing Writer

Tasty and nutrient-packed, Goji berries might a have a role in preventing retinal damage associated with diabetes, according to a new line of research from Oklahoma State University.

Insulin Resistance Biomarkers Improve on Paleo Diet

By Kristen Schepker

Following a Paleolithic diet may help obese, postmenopausal women lose weight and lower their future risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, according to a study presented at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting in Boston earlier this year.

“Farm to Clinic” Model Brings Healthful Bounty to One Oregon Community

By Julia Powers, Contributing Writer

A unique partnership between health clinics and small farms in Portland, Oregon, is proving that helping people make the connection between their food choices and their health can lead to meaningful changes.

Is Allulose the Next Sweet Thing?

By Amy Burkholder, Contributing Writer

Allulose, a naturally-occurring sugar found in small quantities in jackfruit, figs, and raisins, that was recently introduced into the world of food production. Manufacturers say this monosaccharide is absorbed via the small intestine but not metabolized by the body, rendering it essentially calorie-free. But novel no-cal sweeteners have a spotty track record in terms of overall health effects. Is allulose a godsend for the calorie-conscious or just another metabolic trickster?

Vegan Diet Reduces Neuropathic Pain In People with Diabetes

By Kristen Schepker, Assistant Editor

A vegan diet can markedly reduce neuropathic pain in people with diabetic neuropathy, while conferring a number of other benefits including significant weight loss and improved lipid profiles. 

Probiotics Quell Fire of Childhood Chronic Disease

By Madiha Saeed, MD, Contributing Writer

One in every two American children has a diagnosed chronic illness and the numbers keep rising. As a result, many parents are searching for ways to prevent and heal these conditions. The answer lies in the microbiome, which affects and alters functions from the immune system to the nervous system, and deeply affects gene expression, inflammation and the likelihood of chronic disease.

Testing Takes Guesswork Out Of Omega-3 Supplementation

By Janet Gulland | Contributing Writer - Vol. 1, No. 2. Summer, 2015

For many practitioners, omega-3 fatty acids are a standard part of patient care, especially when working with people at high risk of heart disease or inflammatory conditions like arthritis or chronic pain.

Ancient Tree Earns New Reputation as Modern Superfood

By Kristen Schepker

For centuries, indigenous African peoples have recognized the vast medicinal and cultural value of the ancient Baobab tree. Widely utilized as a both traditional food crop and a source of medicine, shelter, and clothing, little was known of the prehistoric plant outside its native continent -- until recently.

Got Fractures? Milk Raises Risk

By Kristen Schepker, Assistant Editor

From a young age, Americans are taught that milk is an essential component of a healthy, well-rounded diet. But new research on the long-term health effects of drinking dairy questions some age-old assumptions about milk’s protective benefits.

10 Cokes a Day Equals 20+ Pounds in a Month

By Kristen Schepker, Assistant Editor

In a quest reminiscent of Morgan Spurlock’s 2004 film Super Size Me, a Los Angeles resident set out to raise awareness about sugar consumption by drinking 10 cans of Coca Cola daily for 30 days. The result is not pretty.



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